The winning design of the Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 tote bag design competition. 

The aim of the new tote bag designs was to promote CDW during the event and reduce the environmental impact associated with tote bag production. Every year, a huge number of usable tote bags are thrown out, wasting resources used in their production. In order to achieve these aims, CDW in collaboration with Print Club London ran a tote bag screen print workshop during the festival. Visitors were invited to learn how to screen print and participate in making a print on their old tote bags.

The CDW brief required that the image relates to Clerkenwell or the festival and includes a slogan "London's Creative Heart"; #YourToteCounts and brand colours - pink and white. My design is based on the idea that Clerkenwell Design Week unites creatives from different fields like art, design and architecture, which are represented with basic geometric forms – circle, square, triangle. Artwork design is influenced by the Constructivist art movement.

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