Linguist Point brand colour, logo and website visual design

Linguist Point is a private company offering translation, face to face interpreting and language lessons in East London. 

The company chose the current brand colour scheme - blue, orange and white - among a number of proposed options to convey a sensation of positive and active energy. The light blue tone conveys a sense of authority. Design of the logo is based on the idea of Linguist Point as a contact point. The blue circle symbolises the Earth and the white circle is Linguist Point. To distinguish the company among others the letters L and P were considered as the most suitable option to use on the basis of the logo design. White dot combined with the interconnected orange L and P letters also make a basic human figure shape. Sans Serif typeface Luton was chosen to convey a smooth, professional and modern image of the company. 

When designing the website, a brand colour scheme was used as a basis. The website offers customers the opportunity toget to know the company and navigate to the necessary services quickly. Website has several pages offering different services where I designed templates for each page and a landing page. Illustrations and photographs serve as a visual aid to navigate through the site. Sans Serif typefaces were chosen, because they align with the logo design and one can read easily. Below is the approved company's opening page design. Images are posted in sequence and show continuous sections of a single page. 

*Website is under development. 

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