"Linguist Point" is an East London based company, which provides translation and face to face interpreting services, and language lessons globally. Initially, I was tasked to do rebranding, including creating a new logo and website design.

It was agreed that the new logo will be type based. "Linguist Point" chose my proposed brand colour scheme of blue, orange and white to convey a sensation of positive and active energy. In addition, the blue tone represents authority. 

The original type-based design of the logo is rooted in the idea of the "Linguist Point" as a point of contact for those who need their services. The blue circle symbolises the Earth and the white circle is "Linguist Point". Besides that, the white dot combined with the merged orange L and P letters create an abstract human figure used in signage across the world. That also shows the importance of the face to face interaction and support the company provides for its customers. The Sans Serif typeface "Luton" was chosen to support the original design in order to convey a smooth, professional and modern image of the company.

When designing the website, I used brand colour scheme. The website offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the company and navigate to the necessary services quickly. The website has several pages related to the different services it offers, where I designed templates for each page, including the user interface. Illustrations and photographs serve as a visual aid to navigate through the site. Sans Serif fonts were chosen for headings, links and main text, because they align with the logo design, and they can read them easily. The images show the sections of the first page with links to other pages (website is under development).

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